“My designs are reflective of what my eye instinctually focuses on. The natural organic arrangement of lines, textures and colors. The vast life forms on coral reefs, up to a towering yet delicate tree canopy down to a thick forest bed and right back up to that bird soaring overhead. I present to you my interpretations of the beauty that surround us, that Ive created into tangible pieces for all to enjoy.

My search for self-expression took me on a journey in metals where I found wax working and the lathe.  I was immediately drawn to the organic qualities of sculpting in and beneath surfaces as well as the repetitive industrial look of the lathe.  Some call these characteristics opposing, I see them as a dynamic and unexpected merge.

The majority of my work is created using the lathe.  I focus on ones individual ability to control vertical lines and textures with various carving tools.  The result is a unique, linear, hollow cone of depth and spiraling ridges which is visually primitive, rhythmic in nature, precise yet unpredictable, captivating.  Look closely you will see this one shape minimized, maximized, halved, quartered, doubled, turned upside down.  I find that the possibilities are endless.” 
Lisa Cimino

Lisa Cimino is the sole designer and creator of the Chee-me-no jewelry line.  Lisas high quality line includes four collections and over 80 styles.  Her jewelry is sold throughout the United States by leading galleries.  Lisas specialty is wax working.  Her creative process starts with lathe turned wax where rhythmic linear textures are created in vessel like forms and hand carved organic root like shapes. Each piece is darkened to create depth while contrasting bronze metal or crushed gemstones show her love for color.  The contemporary style of her work has been recognized by The American Craft Council with the highly select mentor program as well as many featured articles and craft shows.